Other TPN Successes

TPN Began working with British Airways in 2005 to provide physiotherapy services to their employees.
Initially BA employees were encouraged to use TPN physiotherapy clinics for their treatment, but when the annual healthcare report was produced, the total spend on treatment had fallen by 40% but also maintaining the quality and consistency of care and reducing the overall time spent having treatment.
The following year, BA introduces a mandatory rule that TPN only clinics should be used and to encourage this removed the excess contribution that employees had to pay for physio.

At Merrill Lynch the network average cost per case was £235 compared to the provider at £420 per case. Within this organisation, and 194 cases, only 25 days of absence was experienced in total. (CBI figures for similar industries show an average of 9 days absence per injury).

When TPN began working with DHL the company's spend on physiotherapy in the first year was reduced by 50%, but at the same time maintaining improving the clinic outcome for the employees. In the second year they made TPN compulsory under their health scheme and removed the excess that employees had to pay as the cost saving to the scheme continued and DHL wanted to give their employees a bonus for using TPN.

Sky reduced its Permanent Health Insurance premium as a result of their fast track musculoskeletal referral programme with TPN. We reduced their average treatments from 8.4 to 4.2 and reduced cost from £450 to £184 per case.

Factory analysis by our Bio mechanist at Smith and Nephew provided process changes to successfully resolve existing injury issues at a cost of £900 plus expenses instead of the recommended £600,000 equipment change. 

When introduced at Royal Mail South Central, the result was a reduction of musculoskeletal absence of 20% within the first 6 months.

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