About TPN

TPN is an independent and privately owned company that has been providing physical and mental health clinical services and absence reduction strategies to clients since 1999. Founded by Dale Naylor, his knowledge and experience as a physiotherapist of international renown, TPN has developed a highly experienced, effective and efficient UK wide network of physiotherapist and counsellors.

The heart of our service is the control and quality of treatment along with a unique measurable outcome tool, which is acclaimed by clinicians and clients alike. TPN is the first point of call for some of the most successful and influential companies in the UK, as we can demonstrate positive impacts in the following areas:

  1. Reduction in the average number of treatment sessions and the total costs associated with the employees ill health.
  2. Increased satisfaction and elimination of complaints through our efficient referral process, use of experienced clinicians and TPN's user friendly "Desktop clinic".
  3. Early return to work and lower cost of claims by focusing on functional capacity instead of policy rules.


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