We developed a rehabilitation programme for Centrica and use of company funded interventions proved extremely successful in reducing sickness absence and keeping employees at work. Following the introduction of the programme in 1998, sickness absence in British Gas engineers was reduced by 39% in the first 3 years and although expenditure varies across the Centrica Group, the company continues to spend an average of £600 000 annually on funded interventions for British Gas engineers. Approximately 13 per cent of the engineers use the programme each year at an average cost of £588 each.

Dr David Flower, Centrica's Group Head of Occupational Health is convinced that active rehabilitation is the right strategy for the organisation. He said:
”The concept of company funded rehabilitation started as a small scale programme exclusively for British Gas engineers in 1998. However, its success has been such that over the last two years we have broadened the range of treatment and rehabilitation services available and, in addition, opened the programme to all other employees within the Group.”

Tricia O’Neill, Health Services Manager for British Gas echoes his views:
”Employees and managers alike value the Centrica rehabilitation programme. Their support and confidence in what we are doing has enabled us to establish a comprehensive portfolio of services that fully meets the needs of the business.”

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