TPN vs Case Management Co. Comparison

This was a case handled by a Case Management Provider for a patient who had been involved in an RTA which resulted in left sided trunk pain and anxiety.



Completed by

Estimated Cost

Programme Planning & Review


12 weeks


Communication & Correspondence


12 weeks


Return to Work Development and Monitoring


16 weeks


Progress Reports & Closure Report


16 weeks


Estimated Rehabilitation Case Management Costs £1346.80



Completed by

Estimated Cost


Assessment and treatment with a physiotherapy to address limitations

9 weeks


Exercise Programme

Short term gym membership to compliment physiotherapy and assist with overall fitness

12 weeks



Assessment and treatment of anxiety

12 weeks


Estimated treatment cost £1730
Total Case Management Cost £3076.80

The Physiotherapy Network has undertaken similar case management for our clients since 1998 and our process does not implicitly differ from the example above.

On referral an in-depth review is made with the patient and based upon our clinical evaluation, TPN 15 years of clinical data, Oswestry/Becks Depression Score etc and face to face musculoskeletal assessment an individualised “Back to Health” programme is agreed with the patient.

Where TPN differ significantly is in the clinical experience and speciality of the staff who undertake these assessments. Other providers use either inexperienced physiotherapists or Sports Therapists to undertake these interviews. Perhaps the most obvious differentiation is in the costs.

TPN charge a nominal sum for the initial assessment, treatment recommendations, monitoring of the case, case conferencing and final report.

TPN then charges only for each authorised individual treatment session with a physiotherapist/ occupational therapist/ counsellor etc and any other costs such as gym membership.

In our experience the overall costs for cases such as the one described above is £1,288 for a 3 month programme. A cost saving of £1,788.

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